Godfrey Wedderburn  was a Knight Templar.  He, and his "lady friend", are said to haunt Corbie Linn and other beauty spots in the Maryculter area.  According to legend, Godfrey met his lady, a Saracen, on one of the Crusades. She had saved his life when he was badly wounded in battle. By helping the enemy, she was rejected by her people. What could Godfrey do- but bring her back to Scotland?  Of course, bringing her back to the ultimate  bachelor pad, the Preceptory at Maryculter,  caused a bit of a stir. Godfrey tried to explain the situation to the Preceptor, that he and she were purely platonic friends, but to no avail. Godfrey was condemned and his fate was to die by his own hand. Well, in days of old Knight had to do that sort of thing- it went with the job.


When the time came, with Godfrey still protesting his innocence , he plunged a dagger through his own heart.  HIs lady friend, before exacting the same fate on herself, called up a terrible curse to befall the Preceptor of the chapel.  As her words rang out, out over the rippling waters of the Dee, a convenient thunderbolt struck the Preceptor and he was gone in a puff of smoke!


Should you visit the now ruined chapel, look out for the "Thunder Hole" - a deep depression in the ground where the fatal strike took place so many years ago . But be sure to keep your wits about you, for every year on the anniversary of that night - the Knight, Godfrey  and his lady will appear and walk through the grounds...

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