Legend would have you believe that the fearsome figure of Rob Roy McGregor, at some point in the time of Rebellions, leapt across the vast chasm of the raging Leuchar burn with English forces hard on his heels.

There could well be some truth to this  encounter with Culter's best-known visitor. Rob Roy   (Roy from the Gaelic "ruadh" meaning "red-haired")  had relatives at Dalmaik near Drumoak. It was here that Rob Roy paid a visit to his clansman James Gregory towards the end of 1714, to rally support for the Jacobite cause.  James Gregory's grand-father, John Gregory, born in 1598, had been the minister at Dalmaik church. James Gregory was appointed as Professor of Medicine at King's College, Old Aberdeen in 1725. His son, also James Gregory, succeeded his father in the same post. Many descendants of the McGregor clan will still be in the area- the surnames of Gregor, Gregory, Greig, King, Peters, Skinner, Stalker and Walker were all adopted by the McGregors during their years of persecution by the authorities. Rob continued on his mission, to rally McGregors to the Stuart cause, and gathered a substantial force  to fight the Jacobite cause in 1715. Rob Roy died at Balquhidder in Perthshire on 28th December 1734.

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