Reprinted from the "Culter Chronicle"

Two BYDAND omnibuses sit outside Thom's Tearooms, waiting to take Culter residents towards Aberdeen.  Just in case you are interested their registration plates are RG451 and AV4644. 


The horse and cart are probably from the Mill, or might be Geordie Smith the peat man from Maryculter who did his weekly round in Culter for many years.  The milk cart at the gate of Stanley Villa is that of Alex Thomson, of Dalmaik, Drumoak, who was better known as “Dandy Jim”.  The cart carried two large cans marked by brass labels “Sweet” and “Skimmed” and a small can for cream.  The milk was measured from a tap and transferred to the jug of the customer who could buy a penny worth of sweet or a halfpenny worth of skimmed or on Sundays a penny worth of cream. The sign board on the right carried the words “Refreshments” which were available at Mrs Black’s shop at the foot of the brae and this was a popular rendezvous for visiting football teams after Saturday matches.  Beyond the Public Hall and where the bank now stands is the “Bichty” the property of the Culter Cycling Club. It will be noted that the road is up and it may be that electric street lighting was being installed as the lamp standards shown carry paraffin lamps.

  At the entrance of the Tea Rooms is a weighing machine. Thom's Bakery is advertising "Catering, Wedding Cakes and Fancy Bread". In the window you are enticed to try some "Icefoam". There are two wooden benches stacked up outside the baker. A bike is leaning up against the wall. There is no basket on the bike, so it is not likely to be for deliveries. The boy outside the shop is standing with his hands well into his pockets so he doesn't seem to be in any hurry anyway. The other side of the road has a clump of mature trees where the public convenience now stands. Is the hatted gentleman thumbing a lift to Banchory? Does anyone remember what the object to the left of the tea room door is?

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