The estate in Peterculter of Dalmaik takes it's name from the old church at Drumoak.  To find this old building follow the signpost off the A93 to "Drumoak Kitchens". Follow this road southward towards the river and you will see a sign to "Drumoak Manse B&B". 

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The Patronage Act was wrong in the minds of many.  Feeling ran high and events led to the Disruption on 18th May 1843 when more than 400 ministers walked out of the General Assembly in Edinburgh and marched to the Tanfield Hall to form the Free Church, thus making great sacrifices for what they thought was right. For they gave up their churches, their stipends, and their manses.  Homeless thought they were, the faced the great task before them with courage and enthusiasm. Within four years the Free Church raised £1,254,00 and built 654 churches. 


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Burnside Cottages, Culter.

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The farm lands of Craigton were extensive, measuring 90 acres, and lay between Bucklerburn and Culter House.  The north boundary being Culter House Woods -and the south the railway line. The farm was there 300 years ago or longer, and today every corner of it is filled with houses. We now have the developments of Craigton, Hillview, Hillside, Dalmaik, Lochnagar, Crown Terrace, Pace and Crescent, Towerview and parts of Coronation Road and St Ronan's.

 In education, the name Craigton goes back to the 18th century when the Kirk was responsible for schools and schooling. Much information about education was taken from the old Minute Books of Peterculter Parish Church by the late Dr Alexander Allan Cormack.

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