Culter Resilient Communities Plan


Some of the ways in which you could help:

Are you willing and able to assist with the preparation of catering or the provision of hot drinks at the halls in the village that will be serving as places of safety/rest centres?
Can you provide transport [4x4] for urgent errands/messages? Yes No

Are you willing and able to help place out sandbags or assist with putting up domestic flood gates for those who are unable to do so?
Do you have a specific skill that the community can call upon during an emergency? If your answer is ‘yes’, what skills can you offer?



Please note this would not involve payment, as the Community Council does not have any budget for this.
If you are willing to help please provide your contact details below.
The information you give will be held by the community co-ordinator, and only used or divulged when necessary during an incident or emergency.




Availability [for example: day and night, day time only, night time only, weekends only, etc]

Home Tel
Mobile Tel
Would you be willing to be a telephone contact in your area in the event of an emergency?

Please add any suggestions or comments you would like us to consider.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, your interest and help is very much appreciated. You can return it to us by handing it in at Culter Library.

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